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Like other professionals, your doctor is entitled to charge a fee for the work that does not fall under the umbrella of the NHS.

This includes private health care, insurance forms, passport applications, private sicks notes, holiday cancellation forms, local council letters and many others.

Our fees are advertised in the reception area and below for your reference.

Fees for NON-NHS Services – from 18/5/2015


Private Sick Notes £18.00
Sickness/Accident Insurance Benefit Claim £50.00

Access to Medical Records

Private Consultation(per 10mins.) £40.00
Medical Report(from records) from £40.00
Copying of paper records max £50.00
Taxi/LVG Medical Examination £130.00
Taxi (1 page form only) £35.00

Travel Abroad

Private prescriptions for drugs required solely

For the purpose of travel abroad £20.00
Vaccination Certificate £20.00