Meningitis B vaccination

We give Meningitis B vaccine to our NHS patients as advised by the Department of Health.

The current ages are shown at:

We understand that parents may wish to give this vaccine to their children outside the current NHS recommended age groups. NHS GPs are legally prevented from giving this vaccine privately to their own registered patients and so we unfortunately cannot provide this service. We are unable to recommend a specific private clinic.

For further information please see:

Telephone advice

We have an increasing volume of calls for urgent telephone advice. As a trial, some of these patients may now be rung back by a nurse or nurse practitioner initially to try and speed up our response to you and allow those who need GP advice to receive it more quickly.

Patient Survey

Thank you to those patients who completed the PPG questionnaires in June 2014. We are pleased to let you know that the results have now been compiled by the Patient Participation Group and a summary of these results is now available within the PPG section of this website.